A place where masterpieces are created

Serbia is a country of hospitable, emotional, joyful people who respect their extraordinary traditions. With a rich cultural heritage, Serbia is an unforgettable place that can only be truly appreciated by experiencing it for yourself.


Filming Location

The Republic of Serbia offers a remarkeble mix of various locations.The easy access to locations and their diversity is one of ghe main reason for coming to our country and make your project. Geographical location and the architecture of Belgrade and Serbia, allows to realize a wide variety of visual solutions: from the medieval era, through classic to modern and postmodern environment.

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Why to choose Serbia

Fly direct from over 40 major European cities

Situated in the heart of Europe, Serbia’s cosmopolitan capital, Belgrade, is highly accessible through over 220 sub-two-hour flights in and out of the city. Belgrade Airport is just a 10-minute drive from the city centre and a 45-minute drive from Novi Sad, Serbia’s second-largest city.

Diverse locations and seasons

From the bustling city centres of Belgrade and Novi Sad to the banks of the scenic Danube River, Serbia has a wealth of cinematic urban and rural locations. Rugged mountains, stunning valleys, monasteries, castles, vineyards, villas—all of these and more can be found here. Alongside its contemporary buildings, Serbia also boasts a wide range of historical architectural styles, from Habsburg and Socialist to Roman and medieval.

Rebates of up to 30% through the Serbian Film Commission’s incentive programme

The Serbian government offers incentives to companies filming here in the form of cash rebates. These include 25% of qualifying spend for features, TV series, documentaries, animations and post-production; 20% for TV commercials, and 30% for feature films with a minimum spend of €5 million.

Extraordinary film crews with a wealth of international experience

If your production demands highly qualified experts, you can find the people you need in Serbia. With its abundance of filmmaking expertise and capacity proven through numerous international productions, more and more films are now made in Serbia every year. Our crews are able to meet the most stringent standards of global filmmaking at significantly lower costs relative to many other countries.

Advanced film production infrastructure

Exceptional facilities and unique geography make Serbia a highly desirable filmmaking destination. With its growing roster of skilled local crew, quality services, and diverse locations, the country is well equipped to host your film or television project.

Value for money

Filming in Serbia is extremely cost-effective, enabling significant savings on any type of production.