Filming infrastructure in the heart of the city

Located just 6km from the city centre, Avala Studios offers four soundproof stages, a vehicle storage unit and a head office to cater the most demanding television production needs.

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Film in Serbia

Strategically located with advanced infrastructure, experienced film crews and attractive tax-incentives, Serbia offers unrivalled value for money as your next filming destination.

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A rich repository

With over 25000 costumes and over 5000 props from various eras, Avala Studios repository will cater to all your filming needs.

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Avala Film Construction

Who we are?

Avala Film was founded in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1946 as the country's first post-war film production company. In 2015 Avala Film was acquired and renamed to Avala Studios by the Sebre Group, which is planning to revitalize its facilities by reconstructing some of the existing studios as well as building new ones together with brand new accompanying modern studio complex amenities. By combining the careful preservation of time-honoured values with the thoughtful integration of modern trends, the project aims to honour the company's rich heritage while building the world-class infrastructure and expertise that will make Avala Studios a premiere domestic and international filmmaker.


First Movie
Early beginnings
International recognition
Golden Bear
Ongoing artistic success
The co-production era
Acquisition by Sebre Group


AVALA FILM, the oldest and largest film company in the former Yugoslavia, was founded in 1946 in the image of the famous Italian Cinecita. Produced 220 feature films, 430 documentaries (every 4 films produced in the former Yugoslavia were produced in Avala Film).

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Uloga Malene u filmu "Prekobrojna" donela je Mileni Dravić pulsku "Zlatnu arenu", ali je zanimljivo da joj je ta nagrada - ukradena. Organizatori Pulskog festivala napravili su repliku ovog priznanja, ali, nažalost, nisu stigli i lično da je uruče velikoj glumici.


Da i danas vlada interesovanje za Žilnikov prvi igrani film "Rani Radovi", dokazuje i činjenica da se još uvek prikazuje u njujorškom filmskom centru i bioskopu "Anthology Film Archives" (Ejmos Fogel, ga je 1969. godine otkupio za distribuciju u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama.

Rani Radovi

Film Skupljači perja je nominovan za Oskara za najbolji film na stranom jeziku za 1967. godinu. U trenutku dodele Oskara za najbolji film na stranom jeziku, čulo se ime Aleksandar Petrović. Ustao je, i krenuo. Međutim, odmah zatim Saša je čuo da je Oskar dodeljen filmu „Strogo kontrolisani vozovi“ Jirži Mencla iz Čehoslovačke.

Skupljači Perja

Latest News


Digitization of the film Ball on the Water

On the occasion of the digitally restored copy of the film "Ball on the Water", shot in 1985. director and screenwriter Jovan Acin and the constellation of the then Yugoslav theater, June 28, 2021. an exhibition of original costumes, posters and other accompanying props was held.


New Movie Negative

This is the company's first film project in more than 2 decades. The young director of the final year of the FDA, Nikola Jovanović, is in charge of directing the film, the director of photography is Dragan Vildanović Vilda, the executive producers are Nenad Veličković and the producer is Marina Ivanović.

Our greatest achievements

grand prix di jury

Film, "i even met happy Gipsies" by Aleksandar Petrović.

golden bear

Film, "Early works" by Želimir Žilnik.

golden globe

Film, "i even met happy Gipsies" by Aleksandar Petrović.

silver bear

Film, "Innocence unprotected" by Dusan Makavejev.

Studios revitalization

The company AVALA STUDIOS is working on the revitalization of a former major film studios AVALA FILM. The revitalization includes reconstruction of the existing and construction of the new FILM STUDIOS with auxiliary premises, completely equipped in a way to meet the needs and fulfill all the expectations of the Hollywood and other production studios, in accordance with all contemporary conditions of film, TV and gaming industry.

Our goals
  • Creating conditions for attracting film productions from all over the world.
  • Development of film industry and other associated industries in Serbia.
  • Education related to the film, television, gaming and other associated creative industries.
  • Positioning Serbia on the „must visit“ destination map.
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Proudly Part Of Sebre

We invest in projects in which we find values that make sense to pass on for generations. Craft, tradition, beauty, quality, authenticity and development.

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